Scratch the Travel Itch With Postcard Swaps

The whys, hows, ins, and outs of a good swap!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Why Postcard Swap?

Why get started with postcard swapping as a hobby? Well, three solid reasons: it’s cheap, it’s fun, and it connects you with people around the globe.

It’s Relatively Cheap

Postcard swapping is as expensive as you make it. You can go super cheap and buy a package of postcards of your state or country. I’m from Florida, and I personally love the “Greetings from Florida” cards, which currently run on Amazon 20 for $8.98 (less than a dollar per card).

Screenshot from Amazon

It’s Super Fun

Postcard swapping is fun. When you agree to exchange postcards with someone else, not only do you get to send off a cool postcard, but you receive one. Within a week or two, you’ll open your mailbox, and next to the bills will be a message from a distant land. How cool is that?

It’ll Create Connections

Swapping postcards lets you connect with people around the globe. It lets you share experiences. It lets you share knowledge. It basically lets you travel without traveling.

Where to Postcard Swap

There are lots of ways to find people to postcard swap with. Here are two of the ways that have worked best for me.

Postcrossing is by far the most popular way to swap postcards with strangers. Basically, it sets up the swaps for you. You create an account, a profile, and then voila! Get ready for some happy mail.

Screenshot of author’s Postcrossing bio

Facebook Groups

Postcrossing is cool, but a little slow. It only lets you send out so many postcards at once, which limits how many you receive. So, my favorite way to swap is through Facebook groups!

Photo by author of cool postcards from swaps!

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