A Comprehensive List of My True Crime Articles

Hey everyone, let’s talk true crime!

This is a compilation of my true crime articles. Feel free to bookmark this page, as it will be updated as more articles are published.

The newest articles are at the top.

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Ten Minutes of Brutality: Man Slain by Two Teenagers with Sword
They cut him over 100 times, then rapped about it.

Festivals and Arsenic: The Wakayama Curry Killer
Circumstantial evidence led to the death penalty for Masumi Hayashi.

Pandemic Stress Made Man Kill His Own Children
The “devoted family man” reached a breaking point.

Man Killed Infant by Zipping Her in Backpack in Car Trunk
Child protective services had allegedly been called three times before the murder.

A Weekend Camping Trip Gone Wrong: The Bega Schoolgirl Murders
The popular camping grounds were considered “safe,” but is anywhere truly safe?

He Shot His Mother and Then Danced With His Sister
He claimed someone told him to do it — but who?

Florida Fugitive Started a GoFundMe to Flee the Country
He tried to crowdfund his escape after breaking his bail conditions.

A Japanese Telephone Dating Club Rivalry Ended in Fire
Kayoko Nakai ordered an attack on her rival’s club, which killed four people.

Russian YouTuber’s Pregnant Girlfriend Died on Live Stream
He locked her outside in subzero weather for $1,000.

Neglected Teenager Starved to Death in Home Filled With Food
After being convicted of manslaughter, his mother was released *years* early.

A Christmas Witch Hunt: The Murder of Kristy Bamu
A family holiday turned into a deadly witch hunt.

Mentally Ill Woman, Inspired by Horror Movies, Decapitates Mom
She was found not guilty of murder.

3 Teen Satanists Murder Classmate to Earn the Devil’s Favor
They thought the devil would grant them stardom if they killed a virgin.

Retired Security Guard Murders Unarmed Teen Burglars on Thanksgiving Day
He recorded the murders on a tape recorder.

Former High School Classmates Kidnapped Frank Sinatra Jr. in 1963
The kidnapping had a lasting effect on his father for 30 more years.

Teen Inspired by Michael Myers — Murders Mother and Sister
When he wrote his 4-page confession, he confessed to being inspired by the “Halloween” remake.

“Eccentric” Professor Mummified 26 Dead Girls and Turned Them Into Dolls
He wanted to bring them back to life.

“Fun-Loving” Grandma Murders Husband, Then Kills Lookalike While on the Run
A 10-day nationwide manhunt finally stopped her.

The Tragic, True Story Behind “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”
Both medicine and religion failed the real victim.

Her Ex’s Murder Was So Brutal It Was Called “Overkill”
She stalked him for nearly a year, then murdered him post-sex.

Florida Man Attacks With a Samurai Sword Over Missing Shrimp
He said, “I went Code Red.”

Burglar Eaten by Alligator, Resident Calls It “Poetic Justice”
A true crime story about Matthew Riggins.

Prosecutors called her a Personification of Evil
Did she commit patricide for love, money, or both?



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