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If there’s one surefire way to put a damper on summer fun, it’s with Red Tide. Unfortunately, it’s here in Florida, and people are wondering if it’s really an issue. It’s deadly to sea life, especially fish, but how does it affect people?

This article discusses what you need to…

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In 1998, a pot of poisoned curry was served at a Japanese summer festival. Four people, including two children, died. More than sixty others suffered before recovering.

This is the story of how one woman’s bitterness led to the poisoning of an entire village, and how the circumstantial evidence was…


Trevor Marquis Rowe; Source: Lubbock PD Social Media

On January 7th, 2021, Trevor Marquis Rowe zipped his girlfriend’s 10-month-old daughter into a backpack and left her in the trunk of his car where she died. Sadly, child protective services had been called three times before the murder to no avail.

This is the heartbreaking story of how neglect…


Lauren Barry (left) and Nichole Collins (right); Source: The North West Star News

In October of 1997, two schoolgirls were brutally killed less than two miles from home. Their murders remain two of the most notorious in Australia to this day.

This is the horrifying story of how a weekend camping trip in a “safe” area ended in a terrible fate for Lauren…

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